How to prepare for an interview with no job description?

How to prepare for an interview with no job description?:

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How to prepare for a job interview

This post assumes you have already applied for a job and you got an interview call. Here we will go through what needs to be done before an interview to make yourself presentable and leave excellent impression on the interviewer.


Attending an interview without knowing about the company and its business leaves not so positive impression on the interviewer. Doing research may sound not so interesting part to do, however this gives an edge over others. Lets see where to look for and what info to gather –

1. Company’s website
2. News articles
3. Financial statements

1. Mission statement
2. Nature of business
3. Company’s financial situation
4. Current/future projects progress

Every company will list their mission statement in their ‘about us’ page, this 2 liner will tell lot about the company and the core values of the company. The mission statement is written with a future outlook and this is what we try to understand here.

The next thing is try to understand what kind of business are they in, like services, trade or manufacturing and see how the customers will benefit from this company’s product/service. If the company is publicly listed, means the company’s stock is traded in stock market, it is easy to find their financial statements on their website. Search for annual report or 10-k forms, read the intro and understand their financial position. Briefly skim through the various projects the company took up and its future projects. All this info can be helpful to frame few questions during interview.

The next important thing is to understand the competition of the company. Try framing question in favor of the company and throw few kudos on achievements (if any)

Dress/List of items to carry

Visual impact is the first step to make an impression and this can be achieved when dressed appropriately and professionally. Below are the tips that can be helpful

1. Wear soothing and pleasant colors
2. Well ironed dress
3. No weird pattern or hawaii kind
4. Not too tight or too loose dress, just right fit (body fit)
5. For girls, no sleeveless or too tight clothes. Be comfortable and wear appropriately.

Remember, dress is just a tiny part. The most important aspect is how your present yourself. Maintain firm and commanding posture, don’t lean forward. Maintain eye contact.

List of items to carry:

1. Resume
2. Cover letter
3. Pen/letter pad
4. Copies of your educational credentials
5. A smile 🙂

Before Interview

Keep things simple on the day before interview.

1. Stay away from alcohol
2. Go to bed early and get some good rest
3. Shave, if you keep beard- make sure to shape nicely
4. Use some mild cologne or perfume
5. Go through your elevator pitch and rehearse before mirror few times to get comfortable

Now that you have done with research, got your list of items ready, and have your dress read. Its time to kill that interview we have been waiting for.

1. Do not arrive late to the interview. Be on time, preferably 15 minutes early.
2. Always greet with smile and introduce yourself at appropriate occasions.
3. If you see other interviews, greet them and have a friendly conversation.
4. Stay hydrated.
5. If you feel stressed, take deep breaths.
6. When asked, shoot your elevator pitch

At Interview

This is the moment you have been waiting for. All the work you have done so far is for this moment. This is the opportunity to give your best to outshine the competition.On a quick note –
1. Greet him/her the moment you enter. Remember to smile.
2. In case of shake hand, make sure your palms are not sweaty. It looks ugly shaking with sweaty palms, isn’t it?
3. Take deep breaths.

There is no big secret to crack interviews. You know yourself better than the interviewer, so make the best out of the situation. Most of the questions you were asked are picked out of your resume. The resume is the base for interviewer questions and they start picking more questions out of your answers. Do not write anything that you dont know or not sure of, you will have hard time if they ask anything around that point. If your resume says that you know so and so, then you should be confident to face any questions on that topic.

Remember, to stay calm, take deep breaths. Its okay to pause here and there while answering. If you are not sure of anything, you can say that – and its okay too.

Make sure you ask interviewer some questions about the role, future prospects etc., this indicates you are interested in the job. You can throw few jokes or talk about sports to lighten up the moment.

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